Thumb Butte can be seen from my work and its' beauty inspires me. I usually hike it 4-5 times a week and encourage my clients to try it if they haven't. I believe that there is a part of us that is found in nature and you must be in nature to experience and understand it. It's my love of nature and the enjoyment that I get from hiking that inspired the name Prescott Mountain Massage.

My Story

I graduated from Apollo College in 2001 and began my massage career. I worked independently as an outcall therapist and went on to massage in clinics, spa/salons, and resorts. At the age of 32, my daughter and I relocated to Prescott and we began a new life and career. I started massaging at the Prescott Resort and after a year there; I went on to work with several salons throughout Prescott. Recently, I relocated my business to the Creekside Professional Plaza and I'm so excited to be in my new space! It is a beautiful establishment and my room is peaceful and inviting. Through the years my massage has evolved and I continue to adapt it to better benefit the client. I use many modalities in my massage and refer to it as eclectic. Therefore I have the ability to contour my massage to better fit each clients' needs. It is my intention to provide my clients with my best massage every time.


Hike a trail or a mountain everyday. Clear your mind, connect with nature, and create a healthy pattern in your life. While at the top of the mountain look down at the tiny cars and the people that look like ants. Remember that in life there is a mountain of problems, but from the top, all problems look small.